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Stairlifts in Seacombe

We"re here to provide you with the best service possible as you seek your new stairlift. Whether you are looking for yourself or for someone else, we are experts in finding the best stairlift for your situation. And no matter if you need a stairlift now, or are preparing for the future, our staff have the experience to give you the best advice.


For a quote, please fill out the contact form below or call us on 07815535890 and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.


Types of stairlift:

Straight Stairlift Seacombe: If your staircase is straight there is a fantastic selection of stairlifts for you to choose from. With no corners the installation is a simple process, just get in touch and we will be able to estimate a cost and send a member of staff over to give you a full quote.


Curved Stairlift Seacombe: designed for curved stairs, these can be fit into any stairs that go around a corner. These are made to measure, and are able to fit around tight corners. Get in touch and we will arrange a visit to find the best stairlift for your house.


Reconditioned Stairlift Seacombe: reconditioned stairlifts do not mean an impact on quality. These stairlifts have been carefully reconditioned by one of our experienced staff members to ensure it is in full working condition, while allowing you to lower the cost of your purchase.


Stairlift to rent Seacombe: Another great way to lower your upfront costs, by renting your stairlift you can split the cost into monthly payments. There will often be a one-off payment for installation, but all you pay is the monthly hire cost thereafter.


Pool Hoist: for getting in and out of the pool, a hoist is a great investment for  individuals using water as rehab or exercise. Get in touch to find out the best hoist for your needs.


Brands of stairlift

Stannah stairlift in Seacombe

Making lifts and hoists for over 150 years, Stannah have a long lasting service record and some of the best stairlifts on the market.


Dolphin stairlift in Seacombe

Dolphin specialise in working with people in their homes, government organisations and schools and more.


Acorn stairlift in Seacombe

Acorn are a world leading and award winning stairlift providers, with over 25 years of trading.


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